The Paul Gillette Fund enables families to provide their children with an international education which they could not otherwise afford.

The Invitation

The number of families that can we serve is directly dependent on the financial health of the PGF. We are seeking generous contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations. Currently, the PGF requires US$138,500 (INR₹90lakh) annually to fund our financial aid program. The philanthropic support of people like you will ensure that we are able to accept a greater number of national and international worker families into our financial aid program in the future. Please prayerfully consider how you could partner with us in fulfilling our pivotal role in His work here in India.


Establish Metro Delhi International School with its own campus.


Through the set-up of MDIS with its own property, your donation will continue to support our On-Going and Future Strategic Initiatives.

To raise US $3.8 million (Rs. 25cr) for the purchase and renovation of an existing 2-acre property for MDIS

Project Overview

  • 4326 square meter site

  • 3-floor building

  • 20 classrooms

  • Specialized classroom spaces: music, art, drama, labs, learning support, etc

  • Library

  • 300 seat auditorium

  • Cafeteria

  • Indoor and outdoor sports areas

  • Staffroom

  • Office space

$ 2769000 - Purchasing land and existing building (Rs.18cr)

$ 846000 - Soft costs - renovations, conveyance, architectural plans, engineering, etc. (5.5 cr approx.)

$ 231000 - One Year Operational Cost (Rs. 1.5 cr approx.)